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Hauling saplings to Iyerpadi

Hauling saplings to Iyerpadi

We left at 6:30 a.m. to our nursery at Varattuparai. It’s overcast and drizzling and cold. We had kept aside around 500 saplings for our restoration site at Iyerpadi Top fragment. The manager of Parry Agro’s Iyerpadi estate, Mr Kaushik Subramani, had been good enough to send a tractor to pick up the saplings and haul them off to the site.

We had our team, plus workers (trusty kadar from the Nedungundru tribal settlement), and one volunteer Kulbhushan (Kullu) to help. While the tractor was on its way, we formed a chain and started moving the saplings down from the nursery beds to the side of the road. Luckily it was not raining heavily.


The tractor took a while to get to the nursery. And Kullu, who had worked hard, got to take a short break.


Finally, the tractor arrived and the saplings were loaded and stacked into it.


And then, an unforeseen problem: the tractor had no door at the back to put up and hold the saplings in place. As it had a bumpy uphill ride to reach the Iyerpadi Top fragment, we had to devise a makeshift door. With a fallen log and binding wire, Dinesh and Satish with a couple of others helping quickly devised a door.


And finally… the tractor was off. Everyone else followed in the Gypsy for the planting. And the planting… that’s another story.