This is the story of our efforts to revive degraded tropical rainforests through ecological restoration. We work in the enchanting landscape of the Anamalai hills in the Western Ghats of India. Every day brings its experiences and excitement, frustration and fun, ‘incidents and accidents’. What better way to record this, than through a blog! Come here to read about our work and tell us what you think.

You can see our richly illustrated booklet or read about the project somewhere else.

You can see the showcase of photographs from our restoration sites somewhere else.

You can even watch a short movie about it somewhere else.

But you’ll get the behind-the-scenes stories and action, only here!

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  1. I am a photographer (nature & fashion). I am working in the Western Ghats(Maharashtra) to document biodiversity. I would like to document your project if you need a photographer or a documentary maker.

    Yogesh Kardile.

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